We are always in the brewery looking at what's next. It's the limited releases, seasonals and collaborations that really get us excited. At our core we are still bartenders, hospitality heads and boozehounds - and with that 'experience' behind us, we like to think are always looking at things a little differently.

Grab them while you can, because when we say limited, we are serious.




We’ve been trialing batches/techniques for a few years now and this is our 3rd iteration and a style of India Pale Ale that we really enjoy. Although we love our West Coast IPA’s, we tend to lean more towards the Mid west style IPAs, which focus on creating a more balanced flavour profile. Hops are still the main focus of these beers, however a distinct malt sweetness can be detected.

The malt profile has a distinct grain character and is bright yellow in appearance. This was achieved through the use of Munich and Vienna, which are ultimately very similar malts. The carapils adds further body to the beer, which allows the brewers to load it full of hops.

We’ve used some exciting hops and the results are fantastic. Expect a tropical fruit bowl aroma with resin, grassy notes. We’ve used a German aroma hop, Blanc, which provided a clean aroma of fresh Riesling grapes. The fantastic Mosiac and Amarillo hops punch with tropical fruit and slight ‘dankness’. The 7% abv is well hidden by the solid malt profile. Overall this batch has a clean bitterness, big hops and a balance that goes for days. 

STYLE  Mid West IPA  |  ABV  7.0%  |  IBU  74




We love that time of year when beers shift from the lighter easy drinking beers to the more complex roasty styles. This winter limited edition is one of our favourite styles of beer, Choc Oatmeal Stout.

We love this style because of the creamy velvet texture and the chocolate and coffee characters from the roast malt. And this beer nails both of those qualities. We’ve packed in a massive malt bill including heaps of rolled oats. This creates a lovely creamy mouth feel and thick dense head, which laces the glass with each sip.

The ABV is light on coming in at only 5.6% which makes this complex beer very approachable and easy to enjoy a few. It’s extremely well balanced but leaves you feeling like you’ve had a brew with substance.

We added a little bit of vanilla during the boil and post fermentation, not much, as the vanilla was added for a subtle hint. As the glass warms up you should get a tiny bursts that complements the rich chocolate characters.

STYLE  Oatmeal Stout  |  ABV  5.6%  |  IBU  41



JUNE 2016

We teamed up with our friends from The Hills Cider Company to create something left of centre and particularly wild – a Spontaneous Pomegranate Imperial Sour.

We made a Beliner Wiesse style malt profile using our session ale base. The Hills Cider Co. then snagged us a heap of fresh pomegranate juice through a local South Australian supplier. We combined our wares and then inoculated it with a small sample of lactobacillus and left the rest of the work to be done by wild bugs in the winery.

We left the product open to ferment in the thick of the 2016 vintage at a friend’s winery. The result was surprisingly good considering the volatility of the environment. For us, this was out of our comfort zone with not being able to control at all. To get the balance of flavour back we then blended in our Archie’s Red Ale. 

STYLE  Flanders Style Sour  |  ABV  6.9%  |  IBU  26




When NOLA Adelaide were building their venue they raised part of the projects funds via Pozzible Crowd funding by utilising offers from local breweries. We were one of those breweries that offered some tank space to the people who wanted to help us design a beer & then we’d brew it.

The results of the votes came in strong - a big hoppy Red IPA, but with a twist of Blood Orange. We had incorporated this into the design of the beer but unfortunately due to the season taking longer to kick off we had to exclude the Blood Orange. 

The Red IPA is ‘bloody’ delicious! Massive upfront hops, that comprise of lush tropical fruit and resin. The malt is rich and holds the big bitterness at bay. The balance is fantastic and despite this beer being big, it drinks with perfect length across the pallet.

It’s rare and very limited, so if you find a keg, don’t miss out and grab a few pints! 

STYLE  Red IPA  |  ABV  7.0%  |  IBU  50




Inspired by our drinking adventures and many years behind a bar, this was our GABS 2016 beer. Like any good beverage crafter, we love a Negroni. Almost as much as a great beer... well maybe!  So why not merge the two?

An idea planted in our head by one of our favourite Adelaide booze purveyors, Udaberri Pinto Y Vino. The lads were drinking a Sierra Nevada IPA with a shot of Campari dropped into it. This lead us to collaborate with our sister company Adelaide Hills Distillery to create an India Pale Ale inspired by the classic cocktail, The Negroni. Traditionally, this delicious cocktail is crafted with equal parts Gin, Campari, Vermouth Rosso and garnished with orange peel.

We created the beer with a clean malt base, generously hopped it with Amarillo and then blended in a custom made Italian Bitters post fermentation. Expect a balanced IPA with a bitter finish and an elegant orange aroma. Bitter and twisted, orangey goodness... enjoy!

 If you are lucky enough, you might have gotten a 330mL from the Dan Murphy's Mixed GABS 6 pack.

STYLE  IPA  |  ABV  7.0%  |  IBU  65




As the weather cools down and the leaves fall from trees around us, our beer preferences shift from the light refreshing ales and lagers of summer and moves to the darker, full bodied brews that encapsulate winter.

This led us to produce our third edition of our Dark Ale. Every year we tweak the recipe in ways we believe will improve the product, but we thought we’d revisit the first version we did. But with a few subtle changes.

We started with the malt profile and added some Munich to increase the malt character and Medium Crystal to add overall sweetness and increased mouth feel. We’ve used 3 of our favourite US hops - Chinook, Simcoe and Centennial. These hops have a fantastic mix of citrus, pine and spicey characters which complement the roasted characters of this beer perfectly.

We hope you enjoy this full flavoured Dark Ale with a great malt character and a big punch of hop aroma and medium bitterness.  

STYLE  Dark Ale  |  ABV  5.4%  |  IBU  38




This is our second version of our Red IPA. This is Archie's Red Ale's evil twin - Evil Archie! The first version was essentially Archie’s Red Ale with everything boosted up, but this time we changed the malts, the hops and the alcohol content!

Evil Archie’s is a deep red IPA with a full malt backbone. Each of the different shades of crystal malt has their unique offering. The light crystal adds sweetness and caramel character, the medium crystal offers an amazing colour, body and flavour, whilst dark crystal contributes to the red colour and overall raisin sweetness and slight roast character. We’ve also used a dash of Cafra III, which is a roasted de-husked barley, contributing a layer of complexity but also a fantastic red hue.

Given the fat malt body we were able to load this beer with a large amount of hops. We’ve kept the boil additions relatively simple with a big hit of Magnum for bittering. Magnum is a fantastic smooth bittering hop that sets the foundation perfectly, we’ve then used Centennial for flavour and aroma at the end of boil. Post fermentation we dry hopped with Mosiac and Brooklyn.

The 6.66% ABV is disguised perfectly, so be careful, your evil side may just catch you out! 

STYLE  RED IPA  |  ABV  6.66%  |  IBU  65




We did a VERY limited collaboration brew with Paddy’s Lantern Coffee Bar in Adelaide in 2015.

It’s a complex coffee milk stout that has been aged in Tasmanian Whiskey barrels. It has whiskey on the nose, then the pallet is creamy whilst being dry, with a great coffee character. It’s a really complex brew but drinks really light and not heavy.

This was extremely limited and we only allocated a couple of kegs to craft venues. The remainder was bottled and due to head out to retail and to bars - but if any one remembers anything about the summer of 2015/16 in Adelaide, the first week of September hit and almost overnight we were thrown into a blistering hot summer.

The remainder of our Paddy's Irish Coffee Milk Stout was put into refrigerated storage and bottled conditioned until July 2016 where it was re-released again.

If you're lucky you might find a 565mL stubbie at a bottle shop around Adelaide.  

STYLE  Milk Stout  |  ABV  5.5%  |  IBU  30