We care!  This is not so much a spoken statement as it is a way of being.  We are driven to deliver exceptionally high quality while driving a better, more sustainable business and position in our community.  Every decision we make must result in an outcome of either better quality of product or an incremental increase to sustainability. In most cases the decision will deliver both.

Our commitment to you our customer is that BEER with CARE is our fundamental driver… and we will strive to do it better for every day to come…


Sustainability is the buzz word right now, with growing environmental awareness and messages to minimise our impact on the earth dominating conversations globally. When making considered choices about our production and operations, our decisions are determined by processes that will drive the best outcome for both producing the highest possible quality product, and the resultant impact this will have on the environment.

As reflected by the high regard of our products within the craft category both here and internationally, quality is paramount to our business and our beverages, and no stone is left unturned in sourcing the highest quality raw materials and implementing the most stringent and advanced production methods. This commitment to achieving excellence has helped us identify methods that not only drive the quality we strive to achieve, but help us implement best practices that simultaneously minimise our impact on the planet.


It is purported that the true Third World War will be fought on water rights.  There is no resource more valuable to sustaining life than this underappreciated resource.  From the beverage industry of beer and spirits it deserves much more respect and discussion as the majority of these products consist of water.  Our largest capital expense investment was setting up a water system capable of operating off grid and guaranteed to ensure quality was surpassed.

One of the most unique procedures in our brewing process is the use of 2 onsite bores, originally drilled for irrigating crops. A specially designed Reverse Osmosis system has been installed to demineralise the bore water and strip all impurities before it is diverted to the brewery for use in production. Here, our production team is able to add back the necessary minerals and salts to mimic specific water profiles from around the world, thus giving us the ability to capture the terroir of iconic beers from those regions, as well as maintain complete control over the quality and consistency of our beer.

Brewing is a water intensive process that requires 5-7 litres of water for every litre of beer produced. At Mismatch, all this water is collected and sent back to our water treatment plant where the water microbially treated. The water is then dispersed over surrounding lands where it can once again be purified through the earth before reaching our bores again. We like to say, there’s only two ways the water leaves the brewery, in the beer or in your stomachs.


The energy draw to run a production brewery is immense and minimising our draw from the grid was very important to us when building our brewery site.

We have a 300kW of solar system on our production facility roof ( to put it in perspective the average home is 5-10kW).  These panels are integrated to power the entire site as well as feed excess back into grid.  Our system also has the ability for a future battery storage addition. Whilst our research shows that current battery storage efficiencies do not provide substantial environmental savings in comparison to the environmental cost of their production, we will continue to monitor developments and growth in this area and follow this path when the technology improves.

Further components that allow us to minimise power usage are heat exchange systems, where cold water (cold liquor) is heated by cooling the wort (pronounced wert) on the way to the fermenter. We recapture this heated water and use it in the next brew. The energy transferred isn’t lost, which is vitally important to reducing the impact to the environment over the year.  This process means we only need to heat the water once rather than on 2 separate occasions.  

Also, reducing energy usage was our decision to clad the entire production facility in BONDOR.  This decision has resulted in the production facility not needing climate control.. And just utilises natural airflow for heating and cooling functions. Plus it keeps everything nice and clean


Always striving to improve, quality is at the cornerstone of every can and keg that leaves our brewery. From a concept in the brewer’s mind to the moment the beer hits that cold glass, every effort has been taken to ensure that the Mismatch Beer you are drinking is consistent of the highest quality you would expect. 

The Team

All the members of the Mismatch team understand how important it is to produce a quality product consistently. From the production team to accounts, to the sales and marketing team and logistics, everyone has their role in ensuring that the beer you drink is the best that it can be.

Production and Method

For Mismatch to make the best beer it can, selecting the best ingredients makes a lot of sense. Our RO system allows us to produce the best possible water for the style of beer we want to make. Our base malt is sourced locally from Coopers and supports our local farmers and economy.  The relationships we have developed with our hop suppliers means we always get the best and freshest. 

Our dedicated Lab is vital for recording data, testing our beer quality and always striving to improve what we do. Further to this, at every step of production, the beer goes through rigorous testing. Ensuring that the beer tastes and looks as it should, is stored as it should and delivered to the customer cold ensuring minimal temperature fluctuations. 


There’s a reason why so many breweries use cans now and it’s not because they look great. Essentially, cans are like mini kegs and that’s great for the quality of the beer. They prevent any light or air entering the can which means fresher beers for everyone. They’re also much better for the environment. They come in one piece which means they are easier to recycle, and the recycle rate is a lot higher for cans than other receptacles. They have infinite recycling potential and never lose any of their properties. A can will make a can, will make a can, will make a can, will make a can … you get it.

Cans are also lighter and smaller than other receptacles, which means you can fit more on a pallet, therefor reducing your need for transport. And finally, they take less energy to cool meaning you can reduce your energy requirements or chill your cans faster if you forgot to chuck them in the eski before your BBQ.


As well as respecting and working in harmony with the land and natural resources around us, we acknowledge and respect the role we play in our local community.

We employ local Adelaide Hills people at our production brewery, as well as in the cellar door and restaurant, helping empower young people with extensive training in the brewing and hospitality industry.

Where practical, we utilise Adelaide Hills and surrounds businesses, including logistics, packaging and raw material suppliers. More importantly, we work very closely with our farmers and raw material suppliers to ensure the products we source are harvested sustainably and in a manner that supports those farming communities.