Pale Ale

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A delicious pale ale with harmony between malts and hops.

American Pale Ale
Standard Drinks
Super Pride, Mosaic, Blanc, Rakau, Moutere
Base Pale, Ale Malt, Med Crystal
Brewing Process
Single Infusion
375mL Can / 50Lt Keg


We have made many iterations of different pale ales over the years and this one is all that research bundled into this little package. The beer has a generous malt backbone, that’s not cloying – it’s dry and structured. The hops are from key growing areas around the world, such as NZ, US and Germany. They all have their special place in the beer and their seasons are spaced throughout the year. So at different times of the year, a particular hop will shine, thus keeping this beer vibrant throughout the year. Our pale ale is meant to be consumed comfortably without being heavy or too hoppy.

It’s very drinkable and delicious when craving something with great balanced flavours. We won the Champion Pale category at the independent beer awards in 2019 with this beer. This category is the most entered award category and highly sought after amongst the brewing community.

Tasting Notes

Malty And Dry, Combination Of Fruity, Bubble Gum And Watermelon Notes

Surprised this ‘un hasn’t been reviewed. Excellent value for flavour dollar. Firm malt bill with enough alpha acid for the demanding alpha male. Little of the faddish fruit salad hop flavours. Hallelujah brewers. Southern hemisphere hops good for economy/balance of trade. No fancy labels or silly levels of ethanol. Vibrant stuff out of a can. I’d wager it would be off the charts on tap.
- Paul Williams
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