Session Ale

Session Ale - it’s really in the name isn’t it?

This beer is a refreshing summer ale that was created to be full of flavour with a lower alcohol content, balanced with enough bitterness to make this beer drinkable and moreish.

Australian Style Pale Ale
Standard Drinks
IBU 26
Galaxy, Citra
Base Pale, Vienna
Brewing Process
Single Infusion
375mL Can / Keg

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Strawberry Sour

Tart and refreshing, upfront strawberry jam aroma and lightly subtle flavour - pure summer

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When on the road selling we would crave a beer that was low ABV but full of flavour. We saw an emerging style of beer in the US called Session IPA. Generally these were higher in ABV, but low by US standards.

We wanted to create something that encapsulated the summer, was refreshing and heroed both Australian galaxy hops and US citra hops. Creating a beer at 4% that needed to be crisp and clean, yet satisfying for repeatable drinking was a heavy task and took years to hone. We’re always tweaking this beer ever so slightly with the quest of making it better, even though we think it’s pretty damn good!

Tasting Notes

Refreshing, dry, citrus and tropical. Easy drinking.

Session is a must-try for all beer lovers out there! This refreshing brew is the perfect balance of flavour, aroma, and drinkability that will surely satisfy your thirst.
- Riley
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