Mismatch Brewing Launches Online Store

‘That’s not to say you should stop going to your local for your favourite Mismatch beers’ says Mismatch co-owner and sales guy Marc Huber. ‘We still want everyone to support their local bottleshop, but the option is there if you need’. With everything that is happening in the booze industry at the moment due COVID-19, Mismatch has found it difficult to get limited releases out and ranged, especially interstate. They already had several limited releases planned and in tank for this quarter and without the usual sales channels, the team had to think fast and launching an online store seemed liked the most feasible option, explained Huber.

Ewan Brewerton co-owner and Head Brewer (yes, that’s actually his name) is pumped that he can get his limited releases out to beer lovers. ‘We have so many awesome and fun beers coming out! From a lager made using leftover pizza dough to a bourbon barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout, to name a couple, we’ll have some unique beers out soon for everyone to enjoy’, explains Ewan. He adds, ‘Wait till you see the designs for these new Small Batch beers!’

Ewan and Marc were both worried that these beers would not make it consumers. ‘We didn’t and still don’t know how long this will last. We’ve now created a new arm to the business that can help us move these great beers and ensure that all Mismatch fans can get the beer if it’s not available locally.’ Marc said.



The two agree that this is much better than the alternative…dumping the beer down the drain. I’m sure we can all agree that we’re lucky it didn’t come to that.You can stay up to date with all the Mismatch New Releases right here or follow them on Facebook and Insta. Evil Archie’s Red IPA is available now via the online store. It’s Huber’s favourite batch yet so get on it before it runs out!