Oat Cream IPA

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Our first foray into Oat Cream IPAs, this New Zealand Hop inspired Oat Cream oozes juiciness.

Oat Cream IPA - based on a NEIPA
Wai-iti, Kohatu, Nectaron
Pilsner, Malted Oats, Oats and Wheat
London Ale 3
Brewing Process
Single Infusion
16 x 500mL / 30Lt Kegs


After months of experimenting with yeast and different hop additions, we were finally happy with a recipe that would give this NZ Hop inspired Oat Cream the juiciness and flavours you would expect. So much oats and wheat!

Tasting Notes

A dense white head sits on top of a super oaty and creamy beer. The complex hop aromas of citrus and tropical fruit hit your olfactory senses first before hints of diesel creep in. It drinks rich and smooth, just like a good NEIPA.

I had been searching for that IPA. The one that would explain to me what all the fuss was about. I had hunted high and low, and then came the Mismatch Oat Cream IPA. So creamy. So juicy. Juicy beer perfection. And now I get it. 10/10
- Jamie
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